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Welcome to Quests-Inc, a mindset and team-building consultancy specializing in co-creative storytelling workshops.

At Quests-Inc, we bring innovation to employee training, inspiring well-being, nurturing leaders, and enhancing team collaboration through our unique programs.

Recognizing the uniqueness of every individual, team, and organization, we offer tailor-made coaching and development solutions that unlock untapped potential and drive optimum performance.

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Empowering people with imagination

We specialize in delivering transformative group sessions through our signature Inner Quest Motivation Method. By harnessing the power of co-creative storytelling, we shape and nurture individuals and teams alike.

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Our long-term defining group experiences engage, unite, and energize teams, fostering connections that last


We believe in action that embeds change and forges new bonds among team members.


Our approach develops champions with fresh perspectives, driving holistic well-being.

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A: Certainly. The foundation of Quests-Inc traces back to a deep-seated passion for mythology, anthropology, strategy, and role-playing games that I shared with my older brother during my teenage years. Together, we explored the captivating realm of co-creative storytelling, an experience that sparked my aspiration to become a storyteller and world builder. This fervor for collaborative storytelling unearthed remarkable benefits:

  • Boosting Confidence and Resilience: Stepping beyond our comfort zones nurtured self-confidence and resilience.

  • Gaining Fresh Perspectives: By walking in the shoes of diverse characters, we gained insightful perspectives.

  • Unleashing Imagination: We reveled in the freedom to craft limitless stories and scenarios.

  • Problem-Solving Empowerment: We thrived on crafting solutions to myriad challenges.

  • Deepening Connections: Shared trials, victories, and setbacks brought us closer.

  • Creating Collective Goals: Collaborating to shape stories and memories strengthened our bond.

In my early adulthood, I embarked on a journey across Western Europe, initially working in the hospitality industry. As my childhood dreams took a back seat, I transitioned into roles spanning coaching in the financial sector, delving into Carl Jung's psychological profiling, and exploring the publishing world by organizing charitable book events.

My professional path eventually led me back to hospitality, where I immersed myself in sales and marketing.

Progressing through internal training and external coaching, I eventually led my own team to remarkable achievements. However, a profound turning point arrived in early 2020 with the passing of my brother. The trials of that year, compounded by the impacts of COVID, family matters, and personal challenges, left me feeling shattered. Amid this darkness, a glimmer of hope emerged from my boyhood dream of storytelling.

Nurturing this dream with shared experiences and boundless imagination, I harnessed the power of storytelling and role-playing mechanics, birthing the Inner Quest Motivation Method.

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The Co-Creative Storytelling Solution

Our immersive method is a catalyst for building strong leadership styles, enhancing skills, fostering focus, boosting confidence, and refining management capabilities. It serves as a valuable tool for managing conflict, navigating crises, and preparing for change while supporting individuals and teams to achieve their full potential.

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A: The Inner Quest Motivation Method became a vessel to:

Unlock Creativity: It harnessed the wellspring of creativity within individuals and teams.

  • Express Narratives: Transforming stories into tangible experiences through role-playing.

  • Drive Change: Translate actions into catalysts for transformation and connection.

  • Develop Leaders: Nurturing collaborative spirits and visionary leaders.

  • Foster Innovation: Crafting fresh group experiences to foster innovative perspectives.

  • Inspire Unity: Igniting inspiration, engagement, and unity among employees.

  • Create Lasting Impact: Crafting moments that endure, defining teams' journey.

Recognizing the global challenges of hybrid and remote work, I saw that many shared my feelings of depletion and disillusionment. Combining my dream, passion, and experience, I embarked on a quest to enhance coaching, mentoring, and training. The goal was to awaken latent potential within individuals and teams, thereby achieving extraordinary results.

On the Summer Solstice of 2022, aided by Invest NI, Quests-Inc came into existence. Our consultancy is dedicated to leadership and mindset team coaching, as well as personal development. Through co-creative workshops and the enchanting power of storytelling, we aim to:

  • Engage Employees

  • Unite Teams

  • Energize Workforces

Our approach brings together the essential elements to unlock the creative economy. We invite you to join us on this remarkable journey of empowerment, unity, and limitless potential.

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We prioritize teams and team leaders, recognizing that organizations must focus here to thrive under the pressure to achieve more with less. Are some of your employees feeling isolated, exhausted, or depleted? Are you seeking a creative solution to engage your workforce?

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Contact us today to embark on a journey of growth, transformation, and lasting impact.

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Michael Paul Benjamins

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NVTV Our Parlour with Maryann Quigley

How Michael Benjamins through close friendships overcame personal tragedy and suffering: the death of his brother, the breakup of his partnership, and the loss of his job. Recorded April  2023 and aired September 2023.

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Albert Einstein

"Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution."

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