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Free immersive team building introductory session

Welcome a storyteller into your office to showcase key aspects and elements from our method. 

Experience our team building training program to unite, cultivate a champion mindset, and inspire well-being.

  • Discover key elements and aspects from our full day program 

  • Experience for yourself to facilitate the decision process 

  • Test the method before implementing across your organisation.

  • Enquire now to secure your session. Limited slots available.

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We’re proud to share a handful of recent testimonials.

On the summer solstice 2022, our lead storyteller delivered our first free demonstration to a panel of industry experts; Therapeutic and wellbeing professionals to showcase key aspects and elements from our innovative program.

Free Session: Testimonials

"Delivery and approach is engaging, creating a much needed mental space"

"Beneficial team building for innovation and creativity to flourish"

"I could see this working with teams to support the forming naming process"

"Could be a good approach for a specific incident"

"Enjoyable team building event to get deeper understanding of each other"

"I would see this as a strong day"

"I like the concept of storytelling / role-playing approach"

"I can see the benefit of a full day"




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Our journey together

Find out more about us Here or contact us today to schedule your Free introductory session

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