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Updated: Aug 18, 2023

Cultivating your employees' imagination to impact productivity


In today’s world, organisation whose employees feel exhausted and depleted can now channel the power of imagination into their training and learning strategy to energise performance and productivity.

"Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world."

Albert Einstein

So what’s the big story?

There is an organization whose workforce felt exhausted and depleted. Showing symptoms of emotional, mental, and physical strain. Employees felt disengaged and isolated with a higher sensitivity to feedback and a decrease in productivity.

The leaders and managers used all available resources to support their most valuable asset. Implementing training and learning strategy with new technology, mentoring, and standard coaching.

No matter how much time and effort they could only slow down their employee's exhaustion, struggling to adapt to a new way of life, a new way of learning, and working to achieve more with less while missing the positive shared experiences humanity needs to thrive as we as the past thousands of years learning, growing and developing using our imagination and the powers of storytelling.

One day the organization was approached by the lead storyteller from a team coaching and mindset consultancy called Quests-inc who uses the power of storytelling and role-playing techniques to engage, unite, and energise teams to impact performance.

We've put together the Inner Quest Motivation method which allows the brain to release the right punch of natural chemicals to level up with co-creative storytelling workshops.

Inner Quests Motivation Method

IQMM is a fictional narrative and role-playing strategy designed to take a small group on a hero's journey, guided by a storyteller to re-energize the team's spirit from within with problem-solving and quick group decision making that will influence the outcome of the quests incorporating the organization’s culture and goals.

  • Character building; Self-realization through characterization

  • Mirroring insight from the story to gain new perspectives

  • Group’s journey; individual and group discoveries

  • Group realization with playback; sharing insight and understanding

  • Group Experience solving problems and practicing new group mechanics

  • Experience failure and success to improve team communication

  • Increase team spirit Strengthen department collaboration

  • Increasing the understanding of the value and contribution of each other contribution

  • Discover and co-create with each other sharing goals, values, and ideas

  • Solve issues unblocking team unlocking individual

  • Improve Employees' overall happiness

  • Improve staff retention and team productivity

While running the first group, their employees felt engaged form the start, feeling energised and united but they also they felt they gained a deeper understanding of themselves, their colleagues while having creating and sharing positive group experiences filled with insight, perspective, and a new way to think as a cohesive group with a champion mindset.

The leaders decided to reinforce their own training and learning with the Inner Quest Motivation Method from the onboarding process to their leadership programs.


In today's world of Hybrid and remote working, organisations can now benefit from a powerful natural method to engage, energise and unite people. teams and projects

Choose co-creative workshops to develop stronger leaders and more cohesive departments, teams, and projects.

Quests-inc consultative approach with and agile method, delivers effective team building and development programmes to cultivate a champions mind set with the power of storytelling.

Visit our Services page or contact our lead storyteller today to discover how our Inner Quest Motivation Method with tactical team building programmes that will support you and your organisation to improve performance, team spirit, and impact productivity.

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